Thursday, May 19, 2011


In taking inspiration from Rachel Whiteread, I have been experimenting with ways of casting embodied forms, or the inside of garments. I initially tried to make a cast of shorts, following on from their previous use. I made these by dipping a pair of kids shorts in plaster, squeezing off some of the excess, and letting it cure. I then tried to push play-dough in them to try and get the form. However this was unsuccessful. The folds were too small to easily ply the play-dough out and the hardened garment didn’t really perform as a mould.

I then just started pushing play-dough straight into a garment. I did this too a kid’s hoodie. I made a mini-torso out of play-dough, dressed it in the hoodie and then pushed the hoodie down into a kind of flattened/embodied form.

I then made a cast of this. I like the cast as a finished object. It would be effective to scale up sections of a garment, and make some kind of walled enclosure or mini room. It is similar to Racheal Whiteread’s casts of the hollows of book spines in a bookcase as shown in Untitled 2000. As these reliefs of book spines suggest a type of phantom suggestion of knowledge and stories, as the cardigan suggests a ghost of a body and it’s experience of worn space.

Untitled (2000) Racheal Whitread

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