Wednesday, May 18, 2011


These experiments follow on from ideas generated in the participatory aspect of the Personal Ingredient tests, in combination with a re-visitation of some ‘Scarp‘ ideas.

Using an old McCalls pattern of a Kimono sleeve, collared T-shirt. In total the garment had eleven pattern-pieces. I procceded in playing around with different configuratios of the pattern-cards into something possibly wearable. The forms where created with a few questions in mind. Can you make a wearable environment using pattern card? And how do you experience these environments?

The results were a couple of loose configurations of possible forms.

I then applied this process of to the negatives scraps of cardboard, left overs after cutting out the positive pattern pieces.

I think making cardboard scultupres could be a dynamic way in archiving a pattern style. I think a person would feel much more of an experience and understnding of a style when viewing such documentation as modular walls and boundaryies as opposed to a flat 2d stack. I think these kind of relationships between a pattern stack, and a 3-dimensional assembly are really interesting.

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