Wednesday, May 18, 2011


In an initial attempt to pattern make the worn space of a garment I have started with a pair of short, which I arranged on the floor mimicking a disregarded throw. They looked like they might when you quickly whip off your pants in your room and leave on the floor when you are changing your clothes quickly or running late. They become disregarded. There deflation changes the space they take up and changes beyond assumptions. They had the memory of wearing in them indicating a previous embodiment.

I drew the shorts creating something in between a line sketch of the garment and a potential draft. The shapes where traced into pattern pieces, cut, constructed and sewn creating a flat pair of shorts.

I was trying to pattern make the shorts on the x axis, but what I have more so done is pattern make a mostly flat image of the shorts.

I like how potentially a person could mistake them for a pair of shorts chucked on the ground. They may go to pick them up expecting the legs and greater form to drop thorough as they lift the garment, thus realising the actual construction of them when this does not follow through. I do like how the act of previous wearing can be documented through a flat pattern.

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