Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Honing down on these three questions now:

  • How do you document worn fashion space?

  • Can I make a person question where space is that they wear?

  • Where does the boundary of embodiment end in the act of wearing?


  • Wear

DICTIONARY: the action of wearing or carrying on the person (an article of clothing, an ornament, a watch, sword or the like); the condition or act of being worn or carried upon the person.

WHEREING: Wear is the act of carrying on the person, often a “garment.” It is also the experience of this act. It is the feeling of a personal space being both contained and filled in embodiment. The individual, personal nature of this experience can often feel visceral as maybe sometimes we consider this space to hold us as a person, or our consciousness. When further directing this act we can see the complexities of defining it. I may at times carry many things upon my body, for example a scent when I wear perfume. Or perhaps when I am naked I am really dressed as I am carrying air on my body, I am wearing the space of air around me. Can I wear a room? Is wearing more the idea of comprehending the boundary area of an experience or an object and its space around our body?

  • Fashion

DICTIONARY:a custom of style or conventional usage in dress and manner

WHEREING: an act of wearing forms and using this as a way of comprehending the self in the world. This can be done through many different forms, ways and conditions. All associated ephemera and recordings of this are included in the web of fashion and it’s relations.

  • Garment

DICTIONARY: any article of dress, an outer vestment, a gown or cloak, clothes.

WHEREING: This is a hard one! A garment is anything which can encase and bound the body, creating an experience of spatial self for the wearer. Does this include a room, a box, a hedged fence, the inside walls of a volcano etc.? Maybs!

  • Environment

DICTIONARY: the aggregate of surrounding things, conditions, or influences, surroundings

WHEREING: An environment is the surroundings and conditions within a particular place , which has been altered in a way, or designed and somehow made more conspicuous. The nature and experience of the environment is particular to the way in which these impacts, workings and changes have been done.

  • Topographic

DICTIONARY: of detailed mapping and charting of relief features or surface configuration of an area

WHEREING: a detailed mapping and charting of relief, depth and undulation surface configuration traditionally applied to an area of land - however maybe it can be applied to an area of embodiment, and to the surface of a garments fabric or materialization. Often when a person visits an environmental landmark of natural monument, (the twelve apostles, the grand canyon etc) they get a type of funny, confronting feeling, of being small in the world, and or existing as a being in vast space. Sometimes I get these feelings when I am getting dressed, or when I meditate on being in my clothes.

  • Space

DICTIONARY: the unlimited or incalculably great three-dimensional realm or expanse in which all material objects are located and all events occur.

WHEREING: Agreed! I shall now elaborate of a sub-tern to this one: Fashion Space - the consideration of the three-dimensional realm or expanse in which all material objects that are located in and events that are carried out in it, create the notion, feeling and experience of fashion.

  • Embodiment

DICTIONARY: the act of providing with a body, to give a concrete form to, personify, express, or exemplify in concrete form.

WHEREING: to provide with a body, to give a form in which a person exists. In this context and maybe quite literally a by product of wearing which creates a space with notions of garment/person hybrid existing within its areas.

  • Pattern

DICTIONARY: a marking, configuration or design to make fashion

WHEREING: a marking, configuration or design to make fashion. Pattern is documentation of design, construction, cut and fit which informs the overall shape of a garment as designs it’s spatial experience. A means by which to intend a garments encounter through fit with the body.

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