Thursday, May 19, 2011


Here I have applied the process used in the initial of casting a child’s hooded jacket, to knitted cardigan. After getting this play-dough form, I tried take a pattern of it, using horizontal cuts. Effectively, hopefully, pattern-making in a way on the x-axis.

By tracing the outlines of each slice, I got an image which looks like a bird’s-eye view of the boundary line of worn space.

Each layer stacked on top of one another looks like a topographic map of wearing, showing a kind of embodied relief. I think it could look cool if the stacks were cut in a translucent material and stacked on-top of a light box, revealing connections of each layer. There is a type of undulating landscape of the surface of a worn garment, the body’s moving limbs like tectonic plates.

The shapes were used as layered pattern pieces. Both in the positive and the negative.

The positive/inside pattern cards stacked and placed on the ‘pattern rack’. I like how they seem like a morph between a recognisable garment on a hanger and a stack of hanging pattern-cards.

With the negatives, I mocked up a kind of hanging environment with each layer separated. In a bigger size this could be an experienced wearable. I imagine the experience of it would really delineate outside space, and as there are gaps between each card, the space in-between would still be visible. I want to further experiment the fabrication of each layer. I think the experience of a slice in horse hair would be very different to that of a chiffon. And perhaps the fabrication could be related to the fabric used at the positioning each intersecting cut.

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