Friday, April 9, 2010


On the left is the baroque sculpture St. Cecilia - (Stefano Maderno 1600, Marble length 102cm.) On the right id the dialogue she may be having with the garment of folded fabric over her body and face.

St. Cecilia: Wear am I whereing?
Folds: Where are you wearing?
St. Cecilia: Yes, where is it that I wear?
Folds: Wherein I wear!
St. Cecilia: What about whereout you wear?
Folds: Where is that exactly?
St. Cecilia :Wear is that exactly !
Folds: exactly, wear is where ?!
St Cecilia: where is wear?
Folds: Wear is where you wear!
St Cecilia: Yes, but where is that?
Folds: I just told you, wear is where you are whereing?!

Wearing is asking where you conscious space lies? Wearing might be a process of constant questioning? How can I create garments or a pattern system that questions its wearer? Why do folds ask so many questions? Can drapery be systemised or is it always in interpretational flux?

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