Monday, April 26, 2010


Trying to write a skeleton = trying to give birth.
Chopping off flesh is like giving away puppies.

Found another truly amazing fantastic Merleau-Ponty quote, which may help with what I mean by consciousness of a garment (may just confuse me even more). Definitely calling my first son Maurice. He says:

“The whole life of consciousness is characterised by the tendency to posit objects, since it is consciousness, that is to say self knowledge, only in so far as it takes hold of itself and draws itself together in an identifiable object. And yet the absolute positioning of an object is the death of consciousness, since it congeals the whole of existence, as a crustal placed in a solution suddenly crystallises it.”

(Merleau-Ponty 1972, pg. 71)

Maybe what I mean when I say "consciousness of a garment" is the way in which clothes delineate space on a person in an effort to posit oneself in form, however this is never fully achieved - its a dialogue - a push pull. So lost.

Here is my Skeleton thus far. I hope it's a conciseulation thinspiration - it feels pretty off, especially the concept lines.



  • What effect does drape have of experience of wearing
  • creating and/or undoing boundaries in a garment
  • Showing how clothes delineate space and posit the form of a person
  • How do you hide and reveal wear and form through drape (and possibly edges/ internal cutting/translucency/projection - this is hazy)
  • creating (and maybe revealing) a garment through hidden space
  • using grading to control space/or generate patterns?
  • finding a process to generate drape?
  • finding techniques or materialisation or methods of display to reveal internal space?
  • wearable garments connected or in the setting of an instillation
  • a heightened sens of space and wearing

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  1. you didn't put that name past me but im sure i have a maurice in me somewhere. i look forward to the birth of our firstborn. xx