Wednesday, April 27, 2011

POST TWO- Quotes

Here are some things Im thinking about through the world and words of others.

  • “Dress lies at the margins of the body and marks the boundary between self and other, individual and society. This boundary is intimate and personal since our dress forms the visible envelop of the self and serves as a visual metaphor for identity”

- (Entwistle, J. 2001)

  • “Immense is not an object, a phenomenology of immense would refer directly to our imagining consciousness. In analyzing images of immensity, we should realize within ourselves the pure being of pure imagination. It then becomes clear that works of art are the by-products of the existentialism of the imagining being. In this direction of daydreams of immensity, the real product is consciousness of enlargement. We feel that we have been promoted to the dignity of the admiring being.”

- (Bachelard, G. 1964)

  • “Robbert Morris attempted to sum up the polarity between sculptural and architectural experience by saying that in perceiving an object, one occupies a separate space - ones own space. In perceiving architectural space, ones own space is note separate from what is perceived. In the first case one surrounds, in the second, one is surrounded.”

- (Ran, F. 2009)

  • “For these ports [or garments] I could not draw a route map or set a date for the landing [or wearing]. At times all I need is a brief glimpse, an opening in the midst of an incongruous landscape [of fabric], a glint of lights in the fog, the dialogue of two passers by meeting in a crowd, and I think that, setting out from there, I will put together, piece by piece, the perfect city [or garment], made of fragments mixed with the rest, of instants separated by intervals of signals one send out, not knowing who receives them. If I tell you that the city [of personal space] towards which my journey tends is discontinuous space and time, now scattered, now more condensed, you must not believe the search for it can stop. Perhaps while we speak it is rising, scattered, within the confines of your empire [or body]; you can hunt for it, but only in the way I have said.

- (Calvino, I. 1972)

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