Saturday, May 22, 2010


The tests in projection have taught me a lot - like a slap in the face with a big wet fish. I am struggling a huge amount with how things look - there is not enough connection with experience. After projecting the films of unfolding fabrics onto a mannequin, I found some of the outcomes interesting. I like how you can show form through light. Looking at a form when it is projected is most effective when its shown onto a fairly flat surface. This is wear fit and drape play against each other. I like that you could look at fitted garment - but when folding is projected onto it - its form becomes different - I like this mind whack and trick of vision. This could possibly somehow be pushed further into more effectively showing how you experience space.

HOW DO YOU EXPERIENCE SPACE: the way in which you come to understand space it predominately through sight and looking, also its simultaneous connection with touch. Thats what interests me in wearing - how you posit your self in space.

Once I had finished projecting the form onto the mannequin, I went and stood in front of the projector - as above all I am trying to create an experience for the wearer. Putting myself in the experience gave me nothing. It wasn't a dynamic experience. I stood looking at the projector lens and squinting in the light. It gave me no sense of wearing. It gave me a sense of being looked at - which is perhaps part of wearing - but not really a part that interests me and not enough. So know thinking about different ways to set up projector to create an environment to experience. Can garments or screens of translucency be used effectively.

Also what is the significance of the content I am projecting. How am I showing the practice of wearing, how am I showing how wearing delineates space, how am I showing an inside/outside relationship. Creating a worn environment which is both inside and outside.

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